Sunday, July 6, 2008

Been A While

been a while, and since i dont have much time, i'll save you guys time and just POST THE DAMN THINGS, hopefully all you guys are happy im Back in action, look forward to alot of things :D
[O-K]Omae no Doriru de Chitsu Oku wo Tsuke! - Gurren Laggan[]
*OH and special thanks to doomdragon for telling about the batch downloader for firefox, its saves me time :D

Sunday, December 23, 2007

My Come Back

It has been way to fucking long, and i'm about to get back on top of this, well that is, untill i go back to school, i slept for a week, and with another half semester of japanese under my belt, im about to rock this.

*runs of to masterbloodfer for ideas*

if you wanna help email me


Thursday, August 23, 2007


Im looking for editors, like you know, he people that have Photoshop and can level, theses scans are way good so as long as you know how to level and typesett that'd be great. Its hard doing all this by myself, surprisingly the easiest part is translating. Well if i can't find any one to do either one or even both, im gonna have to limit myself to maby 1 release a week. And taking into consideration im starting school to, if anyone want to help you know how to reach me! thanks guys.

Saturday, August 18, 2007

Another one...

im way too tired, its like 4 am where i live, but enough of my bitching, here is another release. OH AND IT WOULD BE SUPPER COOL IF SOMEONE COULD REUP THIS On DIVSHARE AND POST THE LINK IN THE COMMENT SECTION, THAT WAY IN CASE IT GETS PULLED AGAIN (i uped this one on mediafire) THERES AN ALTERNATIVE... im going to sleep, peace.

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[?] Heavenly 8 (FLCL)

Thursday, August 16, 2007

Oh Gawd... IT LIVES!!!

looks like someone either ratted on us or you guys went over bandwidth, which only one of those options seem real (the first one). Im gonna hafta re upload the files. Obviously i cant do it on media fire, you guys okay with sendspace or save files? I refuse to use megaupload or rapidshare bc they only let you download withing limitation. Ok ill get on this. Surprisingly no one e-mailed me that the links where down... maby i can fine someone who can spare some bandwidth for our cause...

Zero Day Attack still works.


Wednesday, August 15, 2007


Is midnight considered the next day? Ex: Your chilling with some friends on a Friday night and you look at the clock and its 11pm, and if anyone around you asked, "whats today?" your reply would mostly likely be "its Friday" right? But an hour later your friend might ask the same question, i don't know, may be hes high or something; what is your reply, well my reply would be Saturday. Since i live my life by that logic here is todays release, lol.

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[TONY] RUNAR (Gundam Seed Destiny)

Oh an important note, don't freak out if i disappear for like a couple days, due to prep for college, just thought you guys should know, oh and i accidentally left the script, its doesnt have much words on it, in the release, just ignore it. I'm not gonna re release it just cuz it has something thats not suppose to be in there lol.

*update* srry there wasnt a link, there is now though lol

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

A Beautiful Lady

So im in a realy good mood today, it was suppose to be a hell like day for me, but it wasnt, everything turned out well, but anyways, i was double happy when i saw that i have 1000 plus downloads on both of my releases combined. I LAUGHED AND SAID "THESE GUYS DESERVE MORE!!!". So im releasing ART BOOK RELEASE #.5, you might ask, why not #1? Well you see this is a sudden release, which means if i release it as #1, im gonna have to go back to my calender and switch up everything (yes i have a calender of release schedual) so yea, there you go, and here we go with THE BEAUTIFUL LADY FROM RUMBLE ROSE!!!

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[Rieko] Pretty Well Glamorous Color 5 [Rumble Rose & More]

Enjoy and look foward to the next release!