Tuesday, August 14, 2007

A Beautiful Lady

So im in a realy good mood today, it was suppose to be a hell like day for me, but it wasnt, everything turned out well, but anyways, i was double happy when i saw that i have 1000 plus downloads on both of my releases combined. I LAUGHED AND SAID "THESE GUYS DESERVE MORE!!!". So im releasing ART BOOK RELEASE #.5, you might ask, why not #1? Well you see this is a sudden release, which means if i release it as #1, im gonna have to go back to my calender and switch up everything (yes i have a calender of release schedual) so yea, there you go, and here we go with THE BEAUTIFUL LADY FROM RUMBLE ROSE!!!

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[Rieko] Pretty Well Glamorous Color 5 [Rumble Rose & More]

Enjoy and look foward to the next release!


Anonymous said...

thanks, i like it.

Anonymous said...

Great, you changed the option with the "register to say something"....too lazy to reg myself^^
Anyway it's great that you release doujins XD oh and I agree thats she's hot XD after C.C. I like her best.....the face, the body and the personality XD~~~~~~
Ãbout the other releases I'll see them now but your translation in the first one seems okey and no weird sentences so keep up the great work.
One more thing; you said something about you would do straight, yuri and yaoi (T_T to the last :P)
It would be great if you could put a label (straight, yuri or yaoi) on your future doujins so we don't dl something we don't wanna see (and so our eyes doesn't burn ;P )
Anyway thanks for your releases^^


lol thanks fir the hint, i will do that.

Anonymous said...

Jesus Christ u r fast! 3 already in only what? A week? You may be my new hero ^_^

DT-Kyuubi said...

Your character leave me speechless.. :D
Maybe that's what I like about you~
Ganbatte!! Fight-o!!
Break a leg... XD~

N thanks~

Anonymous said...

I get the message "The file you requested was removed for violating MediaFire's Terms of Service or Acceptable Use Policy" when I go to download this file. Am I alone or did they really remove it?


they did remove it, i uploaded on sendspace!

English Hentai Blog said...

Just found your blog. Great stuff. Keep up the good work.