Thursday, August 23, 2007


Im looking for editors, like you know, he people that have Photoshop and can level, theses scans are way good so as long as you know how to level and typesett that'd be great. Its hard doing all this by myself, surprisingly the easiest part is translating. Well if i can't find any one to do either one or even both, im gonna have to limit myself to maby 1 release a week. And taking into consideration im starting school to, if anyone want to help you know how to reach me! thanks guys.


erik said...
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how do i reach you or did i just reach you? anyway ive done some editing before and i think i could help you out.


send an email to
ill get at cha

Anonymous said...

i could help manage the page but not uploading or the banwith thing , but i can do last minute check up to see if its ok. email me at ingnore the asain name got it off the internet @-_-@

Anonymous said...

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