Thursday, August 16, 2007

Oh Gawd... IT LIVES!!!

looks like someone either ratted on us or you guys went over bandwidth, which only one of those options seem real (the first one). Im gonna hafta re upload the files. Obviously i cant do it on media fire, you guys okay with sendspace or save files? I refuse to use megaupload or rapidshare bc they only let you download withing limitation. Ok ill get on this. Surprisingly no one e-mailed me that the links where down... maby i can fine someone who can spare some bandwidth for our cause...

Zero Day Attack still works.



MisterX said...

Try Divshare :)


now thats an idea for future releases... the thing i liked about mediafire was that it told me how many people downloaded the release. And this helped me alot because it really told me what you guys are into and what was reacted to positively (# of dl's) so i know what to base future releases on.

kucinghitam said...

Hello. I just found your blog accidentally on
Most websites are cruel because they charge money for doujinshi. Thanks guy, looking forward for more release ^_^

Anonymous said...

sendspace tell it's free service is full almost the time :(
Divshare or savefile is better.

dt-kyuubi said...

Why not just upload on both~ XD~